Orthodox America

  The Cry of the New Martyrs -  Relics Returned

      From a letter from St. Petersburg: "Not long ago. on June 3, our city experienced a great church celebration: the return to the [St. Alexander Nevsky] Lavra of the holy relics of Great Prince, St. Alexander Neysky, which the atheists had concealed in the Kazan Cathedral [for many years the Museum of Atheism and Religion]. The authorities gave permission for a church procession, although not from the Kazan Cathedral but only from the entrance gate to the Lavra. The cathedral was filled with worshipers, who greeted the event as a favorable sign. At the same time the relics of Ss. Zosima and Sabbatnus of Solovki were acquired, but where are they to be, returned? Probably to Archangelsk. It seems that the Moscow Patriarchate has refused the offer of Solovki, or at any rate the skete on the island of Anzersk” (Pravoslavnaya Rus’ 10/28/89)