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  The Cry of the New Martyrs -  Romanian Orthodox Priest reportedly beaten

      According to separate reports reaching Keston College and the Paris based League for the Defense of Human Rights in Romania, an Orthodox priest was badly beaten in an attack in mid-July. Fr. Ionascu, who is from Bucharest, was badly beaten by unknown assailants. The League reports that he was beaten to death, but this has so far not been con firmed independently. The League also reports that three other Orthodox priests have been attacked at night by "gypsies" in the Romanian capital. They did not want their names divulged, the League said one is reported to have been hospitalized. Another, an elderly theologian, is ,said to have been attacked in his bedroom but was able to escape. The third reportedly saw his daughter raped before his eyes, the League said.                    (Keston News Service 8/3/89)