Orthodox America

  On the Power of the Cross

Thy Cross has been glorified, O Lord, by Thy strength past speech: for Thy weakness is shown to be stronger than all strength; by it, indeed, the strong are cast down to earth and the poor are brought back to heaven. (Tone 1, Sunday Matins Canon) 

Through food, the enemy led Adam out of Paradise, and through the Cross Christ led the thief back into it, crying: Remember me, O Lord, when Thou comest into Thy kingdom.                  (Tone 1, verses for the Beatitudes) 

The thrice-blessed Tree of Thy immaculate Cross, O Saviour, was planted in the "place of the Skull” as in Paradise and watered by the divine blood and water flowing from Thy side, as by a divine stream, it put forth for us the flower of life. (Tone 2, Sunday Matins Canon) 

We worship Thy precious Cross, O Christ, and praise and glorify Thy Resurrection, for by Thy wounds have we all been healed. (Tone 3, Sunday Vespers stichera) 

Thou gavest us Thy Cross as a weapon against the devil, O Lord; for he trembles and quakes, unable to bear the sight of its strength; for it raised up the dead and laid death low: Therefore, we venerate Thy tomb and Resurrection (Tone 8, Sunday Lauds)