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  The Cry of the New Martyrs -  Orthodox Priest Tortured in Uganda

      In a March conference sponsored by the International Society for Human Rights, Ugandan journalist Henry Gombya said that his country's president, dictator Yoweri Museveni, has called for the "annihilation, massacre, and total destruction" of those opposed to his regime. According to the journalist, over 5,000 people, including hundreds of children, are being held without formal charges in the country's maximum security prison at Luzira near the capital of Kampala. Gombya says that in letters smuggled to him from this prison, prisoners say an average of three people die every day from torture and maltreatment. (Human Rights Review, Spring 1989)

      Knowledgeable sources report that Fr. Elias Buzindi, a priest in his early fifties under Bishop Theodorou Nankyama (Patriarchate of Alexandria) has been a prisoner of Ugandan authorities since last December. It is believed he is being held in Luzira prison. When last seen, his hands were bloody and his clothes were stained with blood. He had obviously been tortured. He has not been charged with any crimes, but is believed to be held on suspicion of political activity displeasing to Museveni's left-wing regime. Orthodox Christians are asked to pray for Father Elias and write letters of protest ….