Orthodox America

  The Cry of the New Martyrs -  Printing Press Confiscated

      On April 14, customs officials at Moscow's Sheremetevo airport impounded a printing machine which Anglican minister Richard Rodgers had arranged to, give Alexander Ogorodnikov to facilitate production of the independent Christian Community Bulletin. The British clergyman had earlier advised both the Council for Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of his intent to import the equipment. But when he appealed for their intervention in sectoring its clearance, they denied all knowledge of the matter. Shunted from one government department to another in the best Soviet bureaucratic tradition, Rodgers was finally told that nothing could be done to help since Ogorodnikov was not a representative of a registered religious organization. He was not even allowed to take the equipment--a gift of British Christians-back to England when he returned a week later. And the winner...   (Based on KNS 4/27/89)