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  The Cry of the New Martyrs -  Appeal for Religious Literature

      We are aware that there are those in the West who are prepared to send free Bibles and other religious literature to believers in the USSR. This fact was confirmed by Western Christians representing such organizations as Christian Solidarity International and "Glaube in der 2 Welt". [Both these bodies are based in Switzerland--ed.]

      In the name of all our friends, numerous religious believers in Russia and the Baltic states, we thank you for your generosity. The situation whereby millions of people have no access to the Word of God is one of the greatest tragedies afflicting our countries.

      However, it has come to our attention that Western Christians are alarmed by the existing obstacles to free distribution of Bibles in the USSR. These obstacles are not solely the work of the secular authorities but also, alas, of some of the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church. This comes as no surprise to those who know the truth about the situation of religion in communist countries.

      As Russian and Baltic Christians, we consider it our duty to do whatever we can to assist the unimpeded, free distribution of spiritual literature in the USSR; therefore, we have formed a Group to Promote Free Distribution of Religious Literature.

      We are only too aware of the limitations of our possibilities and abilities. We place our hopes in the help of God.

Oct. 27, 1988

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