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      On May 10 the US House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill "expressing the sense of Congress that in 1988 in celebration of the Millennium of the Christianization of Kievan-Rus' the Soviet Union should proclaim a general amnesty for imprisoned Christians and allow Christians to practice their faith within their churches and homes." (The bill was introduced by Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey at the suggestion of Dr. Ernest Gordon of CREED, who helped write it.) Recently Gorbachev announced that "all" prisoners of conscience will be released by the end of this year. Will this seemingly magnanimous gesture be extended to all of the following Orthodox, known still to be in the Gulag as of August, this year? Grant this, O Lord! 

Grigori Balush
Hieromonk Sawa  (Kolchusin)
Lev Lukyanenko
Alexander Oros
Vasil Pidgorodetsky
Priest Anatoli Shur
Grigori Slavsky
Lev Tabelev
Valerl Timokhin
Alexei Pogushevsky
Alexei Shatski

Niknlai Gershkanu
Petrn Khmaruk
Michael Kukobaka
Oleg Miliutin
Igor Panachov
Nikolai Shaburov
Gennadi Sheludko
Priest Vladimir   (Soloviev)
Andrei Vasiliev
Dimitri Pogushevsky
Vladimir Shatski

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