Orthodox America

  A Sign of the Times?

    "Here on Athos things do not look so bright. The Greek government wants to install telephones-.everywhere. Until now they have been limited to monasteries and other important places, but soon they will be everywhere. What worries us is the prophecy of St. Nilus of Athos (16th century), who foretold that the end of the Holy Mountain will come when it is covered by ribbons and strings. It is understood that the ribbons are roads, and the strings --telephone lines.

    "Another evil matter which has caused considerable worry: the Greek government is pressing for ID cards carrying the number 666--the number of Antichrist. There was a demonstration against this in Athens by concerned Christians. Some unwise monks on Athos say that they will simply put a cross on it, as though this will free them from the guilt of submission..."

 (In a letter from an Athonite monk; December, 1986