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The Cry of the New Martyrs – Sergei Khodorovich

There is reason for grave concern in the case of Sergei Khodorovich (45), an Orthodox Christian of great courage and integrity who was arrested in April 1983 after acting as administrator of the Russian Social Fund established by Solzhenitsyn to aid prisoners of conscience and their families (OA #58). As a victim of “special treatment,” Khodorovich has been severely beaten by malicious prison officials; last spring he was held in a punishment cell for 89 days, in gross excess of the 15-day maximum stipulated by law.

Khodorovich is now extremely ill. It is feared that he may not survive the additional 3 years to which he was sentenced while still in strict regime camp, just prior to the expiration of his first term.

Most recently, Khodorovich’s wife Tatiana was told by the KGB that Sergei would be released on condition that the couple leave the country. Mrs. Khodorovich said that they never planned to emigrate but now they have “no choice”.