Orthodox America

The Cry of the New Martyrs - Fr. Alexander Pop

In Romania this spring Fr. Alexandru Pop was also suspended from serving following the broadcast by Radio Free Europe of his "open letter" calling for measures to bring an end to religious oppression in his country (to be detailed in a future issue). Building upon the groundwork so courageously laid out by Fr. Gheorghe Calciu, Fr. Alexandru trusts that he will not be left alone in the event of more serious reprisals. "Despite Father Calciu's departure from the country, there are still other priests here in Romania who continue to spread the message of Christianity with the same courage and wisdom..."
This summer Fr. Alexandru was denied permission to accompany his wife when she took their young daughter to Germany for medical treatment. His wife has expressed a desire to come to the United States in hopes of being able to put pressure on the Romanian government through the Most Favored Nation Status, a position which Romania continues to enjoy despite its lamentable human rights record. Unable to serve, Fr. Alexandru remains separated from his family and without any source of income.