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  Miracle in Niamets Monastery

In Romania crowds of pilgrims flocked to Niamets Monastery this summer when news began to spread of the discovery of the relics of an unknown monk. On Friday, May 23, some monks were surprised by the sight of a large, raised fissure in the pavement between the monastery entrance and the main church. Excavations revealed, at a depth of about 4 feet, the complete skeletal remains of a relatively young man (judging from the teeth). The very yellow bones are noticeably fragrant. From ceramic fragments found inside, it is estimated that the tomb dates from the ltth century, before the foundation of the monastery, when there was only a small hermitage on the site. It is hoped that further archaeological excavations will reveal the monk's identity.
The Moldavian monastery of Niamets is renowned through its association with St, Paisius Velichkovsky (who is buried there) and the 18th century revival of "starchestvo" or eldership which he inspired.