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  Go Ye…

From the pages of the Gospel the Lord calls out:

"Go ye, go ye. There are few workers. Preach My Word"

The Apostles did not hide the treasure of Christ. They spread it about, through the whole world. In torments, sufferings before the face of death, they told the good news of Truth, of Life, of Light, of the fount of salvation and the only way into the Kingdom of God. Without fearing death, bold, brave, they sowed everywhere the Divine seed. By means of miracles they strengthened its might and power. With what a fire their faith was burning! How great, how limitless was their love for the Saviour! In truth, they abandoned everything; more than father or mother, more than son or daughter they loved Christ and the glory of God. Therefore they received an incorruptible crown...

We are like a man who, seeing -pearls scattered about, is too lazy to get up, bend down, and become the possessor of a priceless treasure. We are like that senseless guest who, being invited to a luxurious exclusive feast, considered it a great labor for himself to Stretch out his hand to the food, and he departed hungry.

What hardness of heart and what a profound lack of understanding of our great calling! There is a language of heaven and a language of earth. Our only purpose in this world is the firm walking, full of hope, in the will of God. This unfailingly will bring us to the desired final, blessed aim. The Apostles knew that he who does not himself confess and preach the Lord by his deeds and words-is His betrayer. And the Son of Man will not acknowledge him at His judgment...

Firm is the hand of the Lord which guards and guides the path of Our life into His Kingdom. Help us! To Thee we go, O Son of God, our Saviour. For this Thou didst found Thine unvanquishable Church. And happy are we that we belong to it and love it with our whole heart.

(From The awareness of God, by Archpriest Nicholas Deputatov St. Herman of Alaska Monastery, 1976, in Russian)

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