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  The Cry of the New Martyrs – Vladimir Poresh


       News on this page usually gives little cause for rejoicing. Not long ago, however, Keston College learned from reliable sources that Vladimir Poresh, one of the most celebrated Orthodox prisoners, was released on February 22, a year and a half before the end of his second term. Poresh (37), a former leader of the unofficial Christian Seminar in Leningrad, had served 5 years in a strict regime camp where, in July 1984, he was rearrested and sentenced to an additional 3 years under Article 188-3. This second case was subsequently reviewed and the charges ruled unfounded. Whether Poresh will still have to serve a term of internal exile, which was to have followed his camp term, is unclear. It appears that Poresh has been allowed to return to his wife and two young daughters in Leningrad without any recantation and without having compromised any of his friends. The legislation of his case is virtually unprecedented. Sources believe that it was initiated at a very high level-yea, we should say, in the heavens. (KNS #247 and 248)