Orthodox America

  The Cry of the New Martyrs – Sergei Khodorovich


     Just days before completing his 3-year term of hard labor in a strict-regime camp on the Arctic coast, Sergei Khodorovich (45) fell victim to Article 188-3 of the RSFSR Criminal Code which makes possible the arbitrary re-sentencing of prisoners still in confinement. Khodorovich, a devout Orthodox Christian, was an administrator of the Russian Social Fund--set up by Solzhenitsyn to help destitute families of those imprisoned 'or their beliefs--when he was first arrested, Since then he has been subjected to severe beatings and other forms of punishment. He has now been given a second 3-year term of labor camp in spite of his critical health and need of medical attention. Pray to God for Sergei and his wife Tatiana, and write to your Congressmen protesting the Soviet Union's inhuman "rights."