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  PRAY! WRITE! - Zoya Krakhmalnikova and Felix Svetov

    A pleading letter on behalf of Zoya Krakhmalnikova and Felix Svetov was recently sent to theWest by their daughter and son-in-law: 

"This letter is our last hope...

    "Two and a half years ago our mother and mother-in-law, Zoya Krakhmalnikova, was arrested and sent into distant exile in the Altai region; she had taken up the preaching of Christianity as her life's work and compiled 10 issues of the spiritual journal Nadezhda (Hope) which continue the Russian Orthodox tradition of Christian spiritual writings. A month and a half ago our father and father-in-la w, religious w r i t e r Felix Svetov, w as arrested. His work has charted the path of a human soul which has found Christ and His Church.

    "Both Zoya Krakhmalnikova and Felix Svetov were selfless in their search for Truth; they were guided by love for their fellow man; they wanted to see people who had found Faith develop in purity and charity. Their work is an attempt to lay the foundation for a new spiritual literature to assuage the spiritual hunger of those who confess and seek Christ, to serve the Russian Orthodox Church .... We are convinced that no criminal motives can be found in the work of our parents...

    "We ask all Christians to help us defend our parents. Our family needs the support of your prayers." 

March 7, 1985 

Zoya Svetov
Victor Dzydko

(KNS #225)