Orthodox America

 The Cry of the New Martyrs – Sergei Markus, Fr. Alexander Pivovarov, Sergei Khodorovich. 


     Keston College reports that Sergei Markus ("OA" #47) is presently held in labor camp in the Tuvinskaya Autonomous Republic, which is very close to the Soviet-Mongolian border. Sergei, who is in his late 20's, is from Moscow and married with four young children.        (KNS #223, 4/18/85)



      Fr. Alexander Pivovarov ("OA" #40), arrested in 1983 for dissemination of Orthodox literature, has been conditionally released (he was sentenced to four years) with obligation to work.    ("Possev," Feb. 1985) 


    Sergei Khodorovich, former administrator of the Russian Social Fund--established in 197l by Solzhenitsyn to help prisoners of conscience and their families--has been threatened with prolongation of his sentence following the adoption of a new law, Article 188-3 of the Criminal Code, under which prisoners may summarily be charged with "malicious disobedience of the orders of the administration of a corrective labor institution.''               ("Possev", Feb., 1985)