Orthodox America

  Christ Calls a Sinful Soul to Himself

Why have you left Me, O man?
Why have you turned away from One Who loves you?
Remember, it is because of you I came down from heaven.
Remember, it is because of you I was made flesh.
Remember, because of you I became poor,
Remember, because of you I suffered persecution.
Remember, because of you I was numbered among the transgressors.
I came from Heaven so as to lift you up.
I endured dishonor so as to honor you.
I was wounded that you might be healed.
I  died in order to give you life.
You sinned, but I took your sin upon Myself.
You are the debtor, but I paid the debt.
You were sentenced to death, but I died for you.
I was drawn to this by my love and compassion;
I could not bear to see you suffer such misfortune.
Are you ignoring such a love as Mine?
Instead of Me, you love sin.
Instead of Me, you serve your passions.
But what have you found in Me worthy of revulsion?
Why do you not want to come to Me?
Is it good that you wish for yourself?
I have all that is good.
Do you want beauty? What is more beautiful than I?
Do you want wealth? I possess all riches.
Do you want wisdom? I am God's wisdom.
Are you looking for help? Who will help, if not I?
Looking for joy? Who will make you happy, if not I?
Looking for peace? I am peace of soul.
Looking for life? I am the source of life.
Looking for light? "I am the light of the world."
Looking for Truth? I am the Truth.
Looking for a guide to heaven? I am the true Guide.
You dare not approach? Who is easier to approach?
Your sins prevent you? I died for sinners.
You hesitate because of your many sins?
My mercy is greater.

Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (Matt. 11:28)