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The Cry of the New Martyrs Boris Mikhailov  

    Boris Mikhailov (see "OA", No. 35), acting manager in the Soviet Union of Solzhenitsyn's Russian Social Fund to help prisoners of conscience and their families--was' called by the KGB for interrogation on account of a letter he had circulated decrying the tragic conditions suffered in prison by Sergei Khodorovich--his predecessor as the Fund's manager. Mikhailov acknowledged his authorship of the letter and the veracity of its contents. He was accused of slander but told that his case would be dropped if he agreed publicly to relinquish his activities' on behalf of the Fund. Although Mikhailov refused to comply with their demands, he was told that the case was closed, but was left with a warning that he could be arrested at any time on charges of slandering the Soviet State (Article 190-1 of the Criminal Code). Boris Mikhailov is the father of 3 children. ("Possev", Nov., 1984)

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