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  The Cry of the New Martyrs Vladimir Poresh

      Vladimir Poresh, one of the founders of the Christian Seminar, was faced with a second trial on October 23, in Chistopol where he had completed his first prison sentence. A new statute in the Criminal Code permits the re-sentencing of prisoners for the least misdemeanor, often at the whim of the prison regime. Poresh was accused of having thrown notes from one prison yard to another, of going on strike to protest the beating of a fellow prisoner, in "grieving" the administration (Poresh protested the unlawful reduction of bread ration). At the trial Poresh said that he did not recognize his guilt, and that he had no intention of changing his behavior. He was Sentenced to 3 more years of strict regime camp, to be followed by three years' exile left over from his first sentence. His wife Tatiana lives in Leningrad with their two young daughters, Olga (b. 1977)and : Xenia (b. 1978).

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