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  The Cry of the New Martyrs – A Catacomb Tradition

When absolutely no priests remained for hundreds of miles, and Pascha came, people turned to Matushka with a question: how and where can we have our kulichi and other paschal food blessed? She gave the following answer: "Go into the forest, and when it will be midnight, begin to sing, 'Thy Resurrection, O Christ Saviour...', 'Christ is Risen', and other paschal hymns, which are usually sung by the choir, and put the kulichi (sweet paschal breads) on the ground and let them stay there until dawn, and when the morning dew will descend upon them, then you will know that they have been already blessed. The Lord Himself has blessed them!" 

(From the Life of New Martyr Eldress , Agatha, Russia's Catacomb Saints, St. Herman of Alaska Press, 1982)