Orthodox America

  The Cry of the New Martyrs – Pray

    Keston College reports that Deacon Vladimir Rusak is under threat of arrest for "parisitism" if he did not find employment by November 23. Fr. Vladimir cannot fulfill this demand for; as a clergyman he does not hold a "work record" book which must be presented to any prospective employer before being hired. MetropoIitan Philaretof Minsk and Belorussia is refusing categorically to reinstate Deacon Vladimir in the Church from which he was distanced when it became known that he was working on a history of the Russian Orthodox Church after 1917. Nor can Fr. Vladimir avoid arrest by emigration, for an invitation sent to him from the West has not been delivered.          (KNS No. 188)



    Keston College reports that Zoya Krakhmalnikova is now in her place of exile, where she will spend the next five years. She was sentenced to one year' s deprivation of liberty and five years' internal exile in March 1983 for her work in compiling the samizdat journal Nadezhda ("Hope"). , (See "Orthodox America," October; 1982.) Her address in exile is as follows:
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Keston also reports that her husband, "Felix Svetov, has recently had his telephone disconnected. Although Soviet officials claim that (in accordance with the law) telephones are not tapped in theUSSR, Svetovwas told that the reason for the disconnection was that he was putting his telephone to "unacceptable use."