Orthodox America

  Holy King Milutin

 Commemorated October 30

St. Milutin was the son of the Serbian king Urosh I, and the grandson of Stephen the First-Crowned. In his youth, the holy Archbishop Daniel instructed him in all Christian virtues. The wisdom and experience of this great teacher were rewarded in this disciple, who is praised by historians as merciful, peaceful, courteous and just.

Soon Milutin's elder brother Dragutin rebelled against their father, prematurely demanding the throne which he was to inherit. When his father would not yield, Dragutin made war against him, defeating him in battle. He then imprisoned his father at Durazzo in Albania, where King Urosh died in 1282. After suffering much bodily agony, Dragutin was driven to repentance for his crime against God and his own father, and gave up the usurped throne to his younger brother. By faith, prudence, courage and hope in God, King Milutin brought peace to his kingdom and defeated his enemies, praying to the Lord: "My Lord Jesus look upon me, Thy Sinful servant, and upon the land which Thou hast given me; preserve me from those who would trouble me and let them not say in their pride, 'We have slain them, and their memory ., is utterly perished!'"

    Then, in the great tradition of Serbian rulers, he began to embark upon building many churches and monasteries in thanks giving to God for His many blessings. It is said that this God-loving King promised to God a church to His glory for each year that God granted him to reign. Thus, for his 12 years as ruler of Serbia, he built 12 churches both at home and in other lands.

     Being deceived by his nobles, Milutin's son Stephen raised a patricidal rebellion and a fratricidal war, demanding his father's throne. The rebellion was put down and Stephen ,was exiled to Constantinople. Soon the righteous King Milutin fell ill. After giving alms to the poor and purifying his conscience by confession, he received the Holy Mysteries and reposed on the 30th of October, 1321. After three years it was found that the Lord had glorified His saint by keeping his relics incorrupt.