Orthodox America

  News From Russia

The Moscow Patriarchate publishes religious literature in very insignificant quantities. Only 3 or 4 copies of the Church Calendar, for example, are available to any one parish. This is in Moscow. In the provinces it is even less. People are ready to pay large sums of money for spiritual books; the Philokalia) for example, costs 500 rubles [an average of 2 month’s salary.] on the Black Market. There is a great demand for icons. Frequently reproductions are cut out of albums and glued onto boards, and then taken to church to be blessed. Due to the small number of monasteries and lack of trust toward certain official church representatives, monasticism in the world is becoming widespread; while still living in the world, people enter into obedience to a certain respected elder. A great many of the faithful are overjoyed at the glorification of the New Martyrs and the Royal Family. Scarcely anyone has any negative comments concerning this event. Many long to obtain a copy of the icon of the New Martyrs.