Orthodox America


Five Romanian Orthodox priests are being persecuted for resisting their government's attempts to silence the Church and to turn it into a lifeless puppet of the state. In a "Testimony of Faith" addressed to the Romanian Patriarch (April, 1981), they accused the official Church hierarchy of "prostitution of the Church." The Church is made to be servile to the atheist authorities, and Church life is reduced to mere ritual without spirit.

Fr. Ambrus Cernat was threatened with physical torture. He was told his nails would be torn out and that he would be run over by a car-after which he signed a form of "confession" and was released. Later he was told that if he did not resign, his churdh would be closed. One of the other priests was unfrocked and they are now both unemployed.

Pray for these five priests, struggling to be true to their priestly calling: Fathers Livin Negoita, Viorel Durnitrescu, Ambrus Cernat, Cornel Avramescu and Jonel Vinchici (XNS-I34)

Mikhail Kukobaka, an Orthodox Christian who has recently completed a 3 year camp sentence for "anti-Soviet slander," is now facing fresh charges. Kukobaka has already spent 6 years in psychiatric hospitals. He was arrested in October, 1978 for writing about his experiences in psychiatric hospitals

Kukobaka was 45 this month (Dec. 3) and has no relatives He is reported to be in the Yelets prison awaiting the outcome of the new charges. Please write to him. If your letter does not reach him, at least the prison authorities will know that people in the West "know" and care! This is of great benefit to a prisoner.

Write: USSR
Kukobaka, Mikhail