Orthodox America

Sergei Yermolaev  

On January 10, 1979, Sergei Yermolaev was arrested together with his friend Igor Polyakov. They were accused of making critical remarks about the USSR Communist party while riding in the subway  This was considered as malicious hooliganism and Yermolaev was sentenced to 4 years' intensified regime camp.  The charges were obviously a thinly-masked pretext for his arrest; the real reason was his participation in the Christian Seminar and the Movement for Human Rights. Under the provision of the Olympic amnesty, Yermolaev was released from labor camp in Buryat ASSR on September 1, 1980 for construction work. He worked as a caretaker in a place allocated by the authorities. However, in mid-August of this year, he was sent back to labor tamp (in time to celebrate his 23rd birthday on August 26!). No details are yet available concerning the reason for his return.

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