Orthodox America

   From the 9th Ode of the Canon to the Most Holy Theotokos

by Manuel, the Great Rhetor; Tone 3

O Maid, ever fill my thirsty soul with the divine waters of Thy knowledge, directing me, O pure Virgin, to love of Thy Son and delivering me from the abuse visible and invisible of the enemy. For by a simple nod from thee am I kept unharmed.

O pure Maid, the Creator and Artificer having ineffably gone to dwell in Thee, cleansed the whole mortal substance from the ancient ancestral curse. Therefore deliver me from danger. For by a simple nod from Thee am I kept unharmed

By thy strong hand, O Maid, thou dost from on high save from calamities and evil those who faithfully sing the praises of thy divine womb and thou hast obtained glory from the God of all, and dost now guard me singing to thee: For by a simple nod from thee am I kept unharmed.

The people and Christian inheritance fall in supplication before thy mercy and now appeal to thy help.   Make speed for them to be delivered from pestilence and grievous famine and attacks of the adversary. For by a simple nod from thee are they kept unharmed