Orthodox America

On the Letters of Hiero-monk Seraphim  

Letters from Father Seraphim In 1970 Fr. Alexey Young, long time editor of Orthodox America, received his first letter from Hiero-monk Seraphim (then still the layman, Eugene Rose).  It was the beginning of a fruitful correspondence which lasted twelve years, until Fr. Seraphim's untimely death in 1982.  The letters consistently communicate the Orthodox perspective on such diverse matters as personal relationships, the upbringing of children, mission, evolution, euthanasia...  They provide not only a wealth of spiritual counsel-steering along the Royal Path between the narrow "correctness" of the right and the modernism of the left-but also a wonderfully intimate portrait of Fr. Seraphim not revealed in his writings.  Below are excerpts from this correspondence which we are preparing for publication. The first letter was written as Fr. Alexey and his family were about to be received into the Orthodox Church.

NOTE:   These and other letters will shortly be published by the Nikodemus Orthodox Publication Society. Watch for a notice on this web site.