Orthodox America

DECREE No. 9/91 of the Diocesan Council of the Western-American Diocese,
Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia


The Soviet authorities continue, although more subtly to put pressure on those faithful Russian people who thirst for truth in ecclesiastical matters. We must admit, however, that circumstances and the growth of inner resistance to the repulsive godless ideology have forced the authorities to back away from the atheistic line and give in to some demands, something unthinkable only a few years ago. The Sober of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad has therefore edited some of the petitions during church services:

Instead of commemorating "the Orthodox episcopate of the persecuted Russian Church," ...the Orthodox episcopate of the Russian Church...;

Instead of "that He may deliver His people from the bitter torment of the godless authority...",...that He may deliver His people from enemies, visible and invisible, and confirm in us...

Appropriate changes should be made at all other commemorations.

November 20, 1991