Orthodox America

  Accepting God's Will

God-beloved L. Y.

God's blessing be with you!

       This is indeed a great trial the Lord is sending you in the disease of your eyes. May He give you that which is profitable--be it healthy sight for service to others or patience as an example to others-all with meekness and humble submission before His all-holy will.

      This trial is especially distressing, because seemingly it cuts off so many possibilities of being helpful and devout. And here is occasion to reflect on the question! what exactly is the Lord seeking from us? His all-holy will be done. Of course, we all wish you health and good sight. We hope that the Lord will help. But at the same time we know our unworthiness, that we have not deserved any miracles save only the Lord's unspeakable long-sufferance that He has still left us on this sinful earth.

       I think that it is good to pray not only for the return of sight but also that the Lord should open our spiritual sight so that we may see His will for us, that we may see our shortcomings and His inexpressible providence, for us, that we may submit and resign ourselves with peace in our soul and with thankful heart calmly accepting from the Lord all that He sends us. It seems to me that God's answer to such a prayer and frame of mind will be a great spiritual comfort and edification for you, yes, and not only for you but also others. May God help you.

Monk Ioannikios