Orthodox America

  A Miracle of St. Seraphim

     Tsar Nicholas II had great veneration for St. Seraphim and was influential in bringing about his glorification. The entire Royal Family was expected in Sarov for the glorification celebration on July 19, 1903. Preparations for their arrival necessitated the construction of a road from the nearest train station, in Arzamas, to Sarov, which they would travel in horse-drawn carriages. It was a difficult job, but finally an engineer was found, willing to take on the responsibility. Somehow, through St. Seraphim's prayers, the road was built. Later this same engineer fell gravely ill with pneumonia. He grew weak, couldn't sleep and was near death. A piece of the Saint's mantia was brought and as soon as the sick man venerated it he fell into a deep sleep. He awoke feeling much better and soon fully recovered. Thus did Saint Seraphim repay him for making the road.